How killers act and how to protect yourself against them
Walter Graukrieger
How killers act and how
to protect yourself
against them

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The book contains an exhaustive list of ways to kill that have ever been used by the intelligence services of different countries and by killers who worked privately. The technical and organizational aspects of liquidation planning, tools and techniques used by killers of various specializations are examined. The focus is on the difficulties that murderers face and the mistakes they can make. This allows everybody to organize effectively the countermeasures described in the second part. Despite the sharpness of the subject matter, this work does not contain scenes of cruelty and violence, as well as instructions on committing crimes, the manufacture of illicit substances and devices. The content is legal; the presentation is concise.


We warn that killing a person is a crime in all countries. Under any circumstances do not kill, and do not push anyone to commit this crime. Before you put into practice anything out of this book (even for self-defense), be sure to consult with a lawyer regarding the conformity of your plans with current legislation. We condemn crime in all its forms and talk about killer methods solely to enable law-abiding citizens to defend themselves effectively. When you start reading this book, you assume full responsibility for the consequences of applying the knowledge gained from it.

Target audiences of this book

This book is for general audience. The use of special terminology is minimized to make information accessible to everybody. At the same time, the abundance of examples and details will certainly discover something new for specialists, such as security guards, police officers, and secret service members. Much attention is also paid to the psychology, philosophy and logic of violent crime. Just a deep understanding of these sections frequently make it possible to determine accurately the source of the threat and the direction of the planned attack.



Part I. How killers act

Chapter 1. The lowest level of qualification

The simplest action plan of killers
Would-be killers and rogue-killers
A bit of hired killer philosophy
The best disguise for a killer

Chapter 2. Scheme used in apartment building

The most popular method of killers
The most dangerous places in and around the house
Difficulties in applying the scheme used in apartment building
How killers manage to flee the scene of the crime

Chapter 3. Snipers

Differences in training of a killer sniper and a military sniper
How snipers act in combat
Features of the use of sniper weapons by killers
How snipers can hide their profession
Five vulnerabilities of a sniper
Skills of a sniper
Advantages of a sniper

Chapter 4. Demolitionists

The places where explosive devices are set
Features of plastic explosives and devices based on it
Concepts of mine laying
Techniques of laying mines in moving vehicles
The use of small explosive devices by killers
Combined use of explosives and poisons
How demolitionists use couriers, suicide bombers and animals
Means of delivery of explosives to the target
Explosive devices detonated remotely
Electronic warfare between demolitionists and intelligence agencies
Strengths and weaknesses of demolitionists

Chapter 5. Poisoners

Distinctive features of a good poisoner
Skills that poisoners improve
Devices for injecting poisons into the body
Working with packages is a key skill of a poisoner
How poisoning is carried out in front of guards
Ways to use poisons
Method of taking poison by the killer and the victim together
Features of contact poisons and their use
Method of poisoning with a combination of individually safe substances
Why poisoners usually remain unpunished
Strengths and weaknesses of poisoners

Chapter 6. Imitators of natural death and accidents

Ultimate mastery of hired killers
How to simulate death in an incident
How to simulate death in an accident
How to simulate the death in an assault
How killers use weather conditions
How killers feign a suicide
How poisoning is disguised as natural death
The use of microorganisms by killers
The use of carcinogens and teratogens by killers
The use of animals by killers
How to feign a water accident
The use of equipment and special devices by killers
The use of various types of emissions by killers
Killing by using mind compulsion - myth or reality?

Chapter 7. No body, no crime

When people disappear without leaving a trace
How killers get rid of corpses
Why professionals do not bury the bodies of their victims
Features of cremation
The subtleties of hiding traces of a crime at the bottom of water bodies
Exotic ways to get rid of a corpse
What killers cut off from the dead body and why

Chapter 8. Using complex combinations

The difference between security service and security guard
How killers use human frailty
How protected persons appear without security guard
How killers neutralize security
Use of domestic servants, medical and technical workers
The psychology of murder
How does a killer-consultant act
When killing seems magic

Part II. How to protect yourself against a killer

How to avoid mortal danger
What makes people hate
How to manage not to get anyone angry
Checkmate to the king of contract killings
The best way of protection against predators is to become inedible
How to preserve the principles and not to pay with your life
Features of the battle with the cowardly paranoiac
How the balance of fear works
Who is impossible to be killed
The trap of comfortable life
Why skunks are not hunted
When a killer saves a life


Communicating with different people, we paid attention to one surprising pattern: almost no one seriously considers the prospect of becoming a victim of a killer. For some reason, some people are afraid of thieves, street robbers, rapists, and even extremely rare maniacs, but not hired killers. Usually people refer to the fact that they do not sell drugs and do not work as spies, considering, therefore, the question is settled. However, is it really that simple?

Everyone has something that will go to the heirs after death. A simple calculation shows that even if the total inheritance has been estimated at forty to fifty thousand euros, there is already the economic benefit from contract killing. Of course, no one who lives in a rich country will rush an adventure for a couple of tens of thousands. However, if there is small property or small business the benefits will be measured in the hundreds of thousands. Will a son-in-law or daughter-in-law be willing to speed up the natural process a little, especially if their relationship with the elderly is not too warm? Will anybody have the idea to get rid of the other heirs if an oldery person`s life comes to the natural end soon? Moreover, who said that the inheritance would go to heirs only after the death of the elderly? Even if the person is young, full of energy and not thinking about the will, anyway, in the case of his or her death, someone will get everything he or she owes.

The property may go to someone else not only in the event of the death of the owner, but also from the divorce settlement. This is another motive for murder. The killer solves all problems regarding the division of property quickly, cheaply and surely. The share in business can also be a kind of inheritance, which will go to the partners. Not all property relations are strictly documented, and it allows interested persons to obtain a portion of the benefits avoiding probate. For example, the customer base in a serious business can have a very great value, but it is unlikely to bequeath it to wife or children. We should not forget about the insurance. In case of death of the insured, the beneficiaries may get ten times more, than inheritance.

You hate to read it, don`t you? The most find this kind of reasoning unpleasant. The trouble is that we strongly do not wish to think bad things about people close to us. Many people do not imagine living in distrust and doubt towards their friends and relatives. We really want to believe that villains exist somewhere in deprived areas and marginalized sectors of society, and that is not even possible in our surroundings. Surprisingly, according to the survey even the inhabitants of objectively underprivileged districts consider their region safe, in contrast to neighboring. Who cares if the guy from across the hall is a drug dealer, and his friends are looting? We do greet each other in the morning many years, so they cannot do me bad! However, if you look at the history of humankind, you will see that the greatest troubles happened not because of bandits and drug dealers, but exemplary members of society. Whatever your surroundings, we suggest not to trust people just because they are in plain view all the time and you are used to them.

In addition, there are plenty of other reasons for hiring killers: the elimination of competitors and inconvenient witnesses, promotion, jealousy, revenge... We are aware of cases, when people seriously considered the possibility to order the murder of relatives, neighbors and boss at work. However, as always, it is not about the causes and situations, and it is about psychology. There are two categories of people. The first category includes those who are able to accept defeat. They can accept, for example, adverse court decision or leadership directions. They admit the fact that the circumstances are not always in their favor. While others want nothing but victory. That is exactly the kind of people who uses the services of contract killers, when it is not possible to achieve legally what they want. They prefer not to wait for someone`s decisions, but directly to remove the obstacle quickly and effectively. Moreover, it is not usually necessary to kill everybody. When there is a threat of life, people demonstrate obedience, and after the first successful elimination, they make concessions quickly.

Contract killing has one feature known to professionals, and they use it sometimes. The killer has the same psychological effect as a terrorist. However, the terrorist attack frightens everybody, and the murder is aimed at threatening a small group. It makes the members of the task force feel much worse than during terrorist attack. The probability of suffering from the actions of terrorists in a city of millions is negligible, but it is something completely different when a limited circle of people is under attack. In such a situation, each person considers himself or herself reasonably to be next victim. However, not only the danger demoralizes, but also the inability to influence the course of events.

The clash of a successful person with professionally committed murder always entails severe existential crisis. You can have a great education and make a brilliant career, become rich and respected member of society, shake hands with politicians, army generals and police officers... Suddenly it turns out that all this means nothing. Nothing at all. All of these will not help and save. "Accidental" car crash or an invisible speck of poison will destroy everything, without leaving a single chance. The invisible strike comes at unknown time and in unknown place, it is impossible to predict and defend against it. Moreover, the contractor will be likely unpunished, and the customer will almost certainly be the same.

The most common misconception about contract killing is a myth about its detection rate. Most people judge the effectiveness of the police on detective series, so they have the impression that most criminals are successfully detected. In real life, statistics of crime detection is similar to the average temperature in the hospital. The high temperature of those dying from fever compensate the low temperature of the bodies in the morgue that gives a very encouraging average value. Most crimes (including murders) are committed by dilettantes, often with mental disabilities or in a state of intoxication. To catch such figures is quite easy. However, the crimes committed by professionals, are detected very rarely. Even if there is a small chance to catch the killer who made a mistake, then to reach the customer will be much more difficult. Moreover, to prove the relationship between customer and killer is almost impossible. The detection of properly organized contract killing is a real event in the police world. When it occurs, it is much spoken about for years and described in textbooks on criminology.

It may seem strange, but from a technical point of view, the murder is one of the simplest crimes. To deprive a person of life is technically easier than to steal the wallet or rob the house quietly. Of course, it is easier than to implement some kind of a fraudulent scheme. Maybe you will be surprised that murders are committed often enough. In any case, much more often than they appear in the police reports. A professionally committed murder is often disguised as an accident or robbery, and in the case of high quality poisoning, it is almost certainly that the true cause of death will not be determined. Below we will describe the methods of professional killers from different backgrounds, level of training and price range. We will also analyze the risks, the pros and cons of interaction with one or another category of killers. We start with the most affordable and unprepared, and finish with specialists of high quality - simulators of accidents and natural death.

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